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We provide services to a broad range of industries such as Law firms, Financial firms, Real Estate agencies, Architectural firms and RV Dealers. Having an experienced email hosting provider behind you helps you move forward effortlessly in establishing your small enterprise with an online presence. Starting with 5 individual email accounts, each user can use his favorite email program (Outlook, Eudora, Netscape, Etc.). Our super-fast Web Mail enables you and all of your users to check their email any time from any computer connected to the Internet. You can enable or disable your user's capability to change their password, to use mail forwarding, to use auto reply/vacation and set up their own aliases/nickname for their mailbox.


Flexible disk space allocation and 10 MB attachments
You get 500 MB of total disk storage which you can divide between your email accounts as you need. You can send and receive large attachments - up to 10 MB.

Antivirus Protection
Every incoming and outgoing message, and file attachment, is scanned for known viruses. There are over 75,000 known virus "signatures" that we scan for, as well as check the central database for updates daily for new viruses that are found,.

Network-level Spam Protection that you control
Our advanced spam filtering systems are over 95% effective, eliminating most of the spam that would otherwise land in your inbox. A network-level spam blocking system uses a global data base of blacklisted networks to deny access to known spam sites and to networks that spammers use. Spam blocking settings can be performed by the Domain Admin or User.

Webmail Access
Webmail access lets you manage your mail through your web browser. This is helpful when an Email client is not available or when you'd just like to manage mail from any location in the world with Internet access.

Based on criteria you select, a message can be configured to respond automatically to your incoming messages with product information, price lists, schedules etc. This can also be used to automatically alert the sender if you're out of the office, affectionately referred to as a vacation message.

Mail Forwarding
This feature allows you to forward all your mail to another Email address, such as your ISP Email address, an AOL, Yahoo, or BlackBerry account, or any other valid Email address you choose.

Mail Aliasing
This allows generic or a group address, such as and, to forward to one or more Email accounts.

Email to Cell Phone or Pager Gateway
Most cell phone and pager providers now have the ability to accept Email messages. This can be used in conjunction with mail forwarding or mail aliasing. If your cell phone provider offers SMS (Short Messages System) you could take advantage of this service.

Technical Support
Technical Support for email setup is free. We recommend designating two Domain Administrators for your Domain that will be responsible for troubleshooting and adding accounts.

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