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You subscribe to our "Just Add Phones" service where we manage all of the complicated communications equipment for you - no hassles, no headaches, no messy installs or expensive consultants required - the only thing you do is just add phones.  No barriers, just one phone system and a unified call experience for your customers - no matter how geographically dispersed your company is. 

While most VoIP providers charge you for each advanced feature you add to your account, we include all of them with our packages - and we configure them the way you want.  Every package gets the basics, call-waiting, 3-way calling, Unified Voicemail and Electronic Faxing but our Enhanced packages give you enterprise features such as Auto Attendants, Call Queues, Call Recording, Conferencing and much more.

Our pricing structure was specifically designed to allow you to grow your business without growing your phone bill. With Pervasive VoIP there's no expensive hardware to install and you're not limited to just one location, you can have phones anywhere using just the Internet.

Transfer calls to any extension, regardless of their geographic location

Moving phones is as easy as just plugging them in

Have call queue members login from anywhere

Route calls based on skills or time of day

Extension to extension dialing doesn't use your trunks (lines) and is always free.

Conferencing is as easy as dialing an extension.

Moving?  No problem - just establish Internet service and plug your phones in. No expensive equipment to relocate, no special phone company lines to move, and no special wiring needed.

Growing?  Easy - just login to our easy to use web portal and add your new phones and in under 20 minutes your new employees will be able to use their phones.

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Why Pervasive?

24/7 support and one hour response time

Certified team provides the right solution the first time

100% satisfaction guaranteed

No long term contracts

Vendor neutral means the best solution for you

Full IT staff for a fraction of the cost

Proactive approach creates improved network efficiency and productivity


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